Our National Chess Team Will Conclude Its Participation In The International Francophone Championship, Currently Held In The French Capital Paris, With The Participation Of 234 Players Representing 27 Countries, On Tuesday. The Great International Professor Hussein Aziz, Ranked No. 12 In The Championship, Equalized In The Seventh Round Match Against The French Cavisian Yiga. In The Fourth Round, He Lost To Frenchman Herve Doralli, Before He Managed To Win His Third Victory At The Expense Of French Inna Iasman, And Tied In The Sixth Round With Frenchman Alexandre Ick. Aziz, Who Has Four And A Half Points In The Standings And Is 45th In The Overall Standings, Will Face Bianch Guilami, Ranked 56, And Aziz's Great Chance To Advance In The Standings. Our Promising Player Salah El Horr, Ranked 110, Won His Third Victory In The Tournament, And Came At The Expense Of Moroccan Ryan Mohamed Ait In The Seventh Round..