Abdulla Abdul Ghani & Brothers International Open Championship Organized By The Federation Of The Game In The Big Hall In The Toyota Tower Traveled From The Top Of The Philippines With The Success Of Napieri Enrique In The Top Of The Standings With 3 Points, Ahead Of Compatriot Hassan Abdel Moneim, With A Break-Down Draw Kazakhstan's Maria Sergeyeva Finished Third With A Break Point And Also Has 3 Points. Mauritanian Sidi Boudiaa Came Fourth And Egypt's Badr Mahmoud Finished Sixth. Saif Al Obaidli Topped The Rankings Of The Local Players And Finished Seventh In The Standings With A Break Point From The Leaders Followed By Khalid Al Khulaifi With Two Points. Our Player Saleh Al-Horr Topped The Rankings Of The Players For Less Than 20 Years With Two Points. The Federation, In Cooperation With Abdullah Abdul Ghani Company, Has Awarded Financial Prizes To The First Winners Amounting To About 30 Thousand Qatari Riyals As Well As Special Prizes Offered By Abdullah Abdul Ghani Company..