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2019-12-09 19:46:15


1- Raising the technical level of chess in cooperation with sports, social and cultural club

2- Establishing training centers for boys and girls

3- Finding the national technical cadres in the field of arbitration and training Spreading, developing and increasing the practice of chess in the State of Qatar by organizing revitalizing courses, cooperating with sports, social and cultural clubs, and introducing chess in schools in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education

4- Formulating systems and regulations, setting programs and organizing competitions and championships of all kinds in the field of sports affiliated to the Federation and supervising their implementation

5- Good preparation and supervision of national teams participating in continental, regional and global competitions to highlight the country's leadership in the field and its sporting championships

6- Organizing and managing hosting continental, regional and international competitions and tournaments in the field of sports related to and within the framework of the relevant rules and regulations Strengthening cooperation relations with regional,

7- continental and international bodies in the field of sports related to sports

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